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In industrial product design, the common production method of sample parts (Security Product Model)

Apr 15,21

In industrial product design, the common production method of sample parts (Security Product Model)

In industrial product design, the common production method of sample parts
"Hand board" belongs to the local industry terminology, professional terms called: sample, verification, sample, scale model and so on.Hand board in different places also known as the first board (Cantonese name).In general, a verification sample that is manufactured in small quantities before the product is finalized.

The products just designed can not be perfect, or even can not be used. Once there are defects in direct production, they will all be scrapped, which is a great waste of manpower, material resources and time
Therefore, prototypes are usually needed for products that have just been developed or designed. For products that need to be produced by molds, one or several functional samples will be first made according to product appearance drawings or structural drawings to check the rationality of appearance or structure.Hand board is in the premise of no open mold, to verify the feasibility of the product.Handboard is generally a small number of samples, production cycle is short, the loss of manpower and material resources, quickly find out the shortcomings of the product design and improve, for the product design to provide sufficient basis for mass production.

There are many ways to make the hand board, and different processes have their own advantages and disadvantages.
1.CNC fine carving machine processing
CNC engraving machine is a more traditional hand-board production process, good at small tool finishing, with the ability of milling, grinding, drilling and high-speed tapping, is widely used in 3C industry, mold industry, medical industry and many other fields.

CNC fine engraving machine processing process produced by the hand, can be very accurate to reflect the information expressed by the drawings, and the hand surface quality is high, especially after the completion of the surface spraying and screen printing, even more than the mold after the production of the product is brilliant

CNC processing mode is suitable for materials with high requirements for toughness, large products and high precision products.Suitable materials include plexiglass, resin, wood, metal (including copper, aluminum, hardness less than HRC40 soft steel), etc.
Most CNC equipment for the production of hand board is a 3-axis machine. Some complex structures of the workpiece need to be separated and processed by hand and then stitched together, because the 3-axis machine can only process a single surface.
2.3D Printing and forming
3D printing is usually done using digital materials printers.It is often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to make models, and then gradually used in the direct manufacturing of some products. There are already parts printed with this technology.The technology has applications in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, 

3. Silica gel compound molding
Silica gel compound molding process refers to the process of defoaming, mixing, preheating, injection of castables under vacuum conditions, and the secondary curing molding process for 2-3 hours in a thermostat of 60℃-80℃.
The imitation products produced by the silica gel compound mold can reach the strength and hardness of raw materials such as ABS.More than 20 of the same products can be made from a single silicone mold.It greatly reduces the cost, cycle time and risk of product development.
The structure is more disorderly, the wall thickness is uniform, and the small batch sample meets certain function and appearance requirements. The opening iron mold has high cost and long cycle, so the silica gel compound mold can be selected for production and molding.
Silica gel compound mold can be made of materials such as ABS, PC, PP, soft rubber, PMMA, nylon, PVC and so on.
The disadvantages of silica gel compound die: the die is not acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant, short life, the surface of the die is easy to appear traces, stripes, not smooth phenomenon, because the die is soft die, tolerance in the range of 0.1-0.2mm, so the product accuracy is not high.