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Is traceless repair technology harmful to automobile sheet metal?

Mar 12,21

Is traceless repair technology harmful to automobile sheet metal?

Is the repair technology of automobile no mark harmful to automobile sheet metal?

The technology of automobile dent repair is also called micro metal plate or non-destructive metal plate. Compared with traditional sheet metal technology, the biggest difference is the word "non-destructive". The motive of this technology is to deal with small pits caused by hail. When the car encounters hail, the car body will be smashed with potholes. If there is no such technology, the owner can only choose the whole vehicle body and paint.

The repair technology of automobile without mark

Hailstones have limited damage to sheet metal, which is a little smaller than some of the dents caused by accidents, but most of the paint surface will be damaged until the invisible car clothes enter the Chinese market. Some accidents would have damaged the paint. Because the paint was covered by the car clothes, the paint was not damaged or only a little bit of paint was removed. This can be repaired. In recent years, more and more sheet metal masters have entered the field of automobile dent repair technology, and the upper limit of automobile dent repair technology is constantly refreshing.

The dent that has been removed can also be repaired

The dent of paint dropping can also be repaired. On the contrary, the concave of the paint can be better repaired. The purpose of the dent repair is not to damage the original paint. The paint has been damaged. However, the technician of dent repair should not worry about the damage of the paint, but the significance of this repair is not very significant.
The car dents can't be repaired

Which dents can't be repaired?
For the concave surface of the plate drawing, you should know that the iron has ductility. If the metal plate is stretched due to excessive deformation, the dent cannot be repaired, the tool cannot touch the dent, and the special jacking tool for automobile dent repair, such as A-pillar dent and threshold dent, can only be used for drawing because there is no hole position, and some dents can not be pulled up.

What are the disadvantages of the repair of automobile dent
What are the disadvantages of the repair of automobile dent? 

There is no obvious disadvantage in the repair technology of automobile dent. It is only used to restore the deformation position by physical means. It is clear that the dent at the wheel cover of leaf plate needs to be punched, but not all vehicles need to punch. For example, the rear leaf plate of Rolls Royce, logo, Citroen and other models is single plate, so it is unnecessary to punch holes. BMW's rear leaf plate is not needed to come with its hole, but, like big one Many, Audi, Toyota and other models need to be drilled, but don't worry about it will be blocked by metal plastic steel mud after drilling, and will not affect the vehicle.