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Key and difficult points and reference formula summary of TPE material cladding vacuum casting -vacuum casting services

Sep 29,20

Key and difficult points and reference formula summary of TPE material  cladding vacuum casting -vacuum casting services

In the market segment in the application of the thermoplastic elastomer cladding vacuum casting, is actually a kind of special coating forming, its particularity lies in as the second kind of material is soft TPE material composition, coated to various hard common plastics, engineering plastics and nonmetallic material surface or local or internal, implement single parts of texture.

We all know that the key points of TPE material cladding are two aspects: TPE soft adhesive formula and adhesive coating process control.Today xiaobian for the first collection of the market for the common hard plastic compound mold plastic TPE soft glue basic formula, for your reference, hope to have a certain help.

  TPE cladding PP

Polymer materials with similar solubility parameters or polarity have good compatibility.The solubility parameter of TPE is 7.2, while the solubility parameter of PP is 7.6. The solubility of the two materials is very close.And such as PE and TPE compatibility is also relatively good.As a result, TPE materials almost do not need to do any special modification, and PP plastics can be well bonded together.


TPE coated plastic PP is commonly used in toothbrush coated plastic handle, hospital silent casters, cart casters, equipment handle, comb handle, beauty and hair care equipment, small household appliances, food and tableware, etc.

TPE cladding ABS

ABS plastic is a weak to moderate polar plastic, which has a certain polarity difference with TPE. Therefore, it is necessary to add modifier (TPU) and compatilizer into the formula to improve the polarity of TPE soft adhesive, thus improving the adhesion between TPE and ABS, PC and other materials.

TPE coated ABS is widely used in hardware tool handles, power tools, drill handles, suitcase sports equipment handles, brush handles, as well as some electronic and electrical materials, communication equipment accessories, etc.

 TPE coated PA basic formula

The solubility parameter of nylon material (PA6, PA66 and its fiber modifier) is as high as above 12, which is far from TPE material 7.2. Therefore, compatibilizer and other auxiliaries need to be added into TPE formula.In addition, if the true coating effect is needed and the softening temperature of nylon is 250-260℃, the closer the softening temperature of TPE and nylon is, the better the coating effect will be, on the premise of ensuring no degradation of TPE. 

TPE coated nylon is mainly used in kitchen utensils and tableware handle, electric drill tool handle, electrical products accessories, etc.TPE soft adhesives can be modified by formula to adjust their hardness. TPE soft adhesives used for nylon coating generally have a hardness of ShoreA of 40~80 degrees, among which 60 degrees is the most common.

Common TPE material coating is introduced here, TPE material to achieve the effect of true packaging, in addition to the importance of the above formula, coating process is also particularly important, the subsequent will continue to bring you TPE material coating process dry goods!