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Learn more abot precision CNC of rapid prototyping

Jan 12,21

We have a lot of client need precision CNC parts, that in the CNC machining to improve the quality of the parts, first of all we have to understand: machining error and CNC machining machining is easy to cause the main factors of parts deformation, but also to understand the three principles to improve the accuracy of CNC machining.

1, improve the cutting level
In CNC machining, when the parts in the cutting process, the surface of the parts will form almost the same shape as the cutter mark and leave a large number of scales, easy to increase the surface roughness of the parts, reduce the quality of the parts surface;
Generally speaking, in this case, the cutting should be appropriately increasing the tool tip radius of circular arc, when appropriate to reduce tool feed quantity, make the height of the cutting tool on the parts residual area to reduce as far as possible, to ensure that the parts surface roughness control in appropriate range, so that we can effectively reduce the devolop tumor and scale on the surface of the parts, thus improve the quality of the parts surface and prolong the service life of the parts.

2, improve the cutting speed
When the parts is cutting, if the cutting speed is high, the plastic deformation of the parts surface in the cutting process can be greatly reduced.
The higher the cutting speed, the smaller the degree of plastic deformation, which can effectively reduce the surface roughness of the parts. If the cutting speed is not enough, the parts will produce chip nodules in the cutting process, affecting the surface quality of the parts.

3, improve the accuracy of CNC equipment
The CNC machining of the parts is mainly completed by the machine tool, the error of the machine tool itself will directly affect the accuracy of the parts, which requires to ensure the high accuracy of the machine tool itself, in order to effectively reduce the error produced in the process of processing.
The error between the tool and the fixture will also affect the precision of the parts, and corresponding measures can be taken to reduce the tool wear.
This can improve the precision of the parts, improve the quality of the parts.
parts quality is the key to the development of enterprises, so improve the quality of CNC machining parts, improve the quality of parts for each CNC processing plant is an urgent matter.

1. Accurate design drawings are required
Precision hardware processing is to process some small diameter hardware parts, so the design drawings of this product should be accurate, parts are a miss a mile.
If the drawings are not accurate, the parts produced may not be used, thus increasing the cost of production.

2, precision hardware processing materials
Because the products processed in this way are generally used in auto parts, clocks and other places where the quality of materials is relatively high.
The quality requirement of the hardware product that comes out to be processed so is very tall also what use commonly is classy material.

3. Cost budget
In many cases, the products that are processed in this way are relatively cheap.
Therefore, we should also consider the cost when budgeting, improve the production technology, and improve the production efficiency.

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