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Lithium battery case of Rapid prototye

Jun 17,21

Lithium battery case of Rapid prototye

Lithium battery housing

Lithium battery shell rapid prototyping can be divided into: PVC heat seal, plastic, metal
PVC heat seal: what kind of shell packaging form is used outside the battery pack, mainly depends on the specific needs of the customer's product. For the packaging form of PVC heat seal, it is generally applicable to the case of a small number of cell strings and light overall weight (≤2kg), it can be used.Beijing 12V lithium battery, but for the overall weight of the battery pack ≥1kg, it is necessary to add a fixed bracket between the cells, add glass fiber plate to the periphery of the protection, and then use PVC heat seal.
Plastic:Plastic shell, mainly different battery pack after finalize the design, involving shell may need to open mold, mold fee is - a big spending, such as the early stage of the development, the product did not finalize the design, can use hand shell proofing (hand strength after mould shape is better than material strength), the shell material and process (especially the belt is three demands), will also affect the cost.
Metal: the metal shell is also like the plastic shell, the product is not finalized before or the quantity of demand is not much, it is recommended to use sheet metal sample preparation, which is mainly the sample preparation delivery period is short, such as large batch, it is also recommended to open the mold.For the metal shell with waterproof level requirements, will also greatly affect the cost, and there is a special material (such as titanium alloy) metal shell requirements, the cost will be higher