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Machining center programming generally has six kinds of software (cnc machining)

Mar 26,21

Machining center programming generally has six kinds of software (cnc machining)

CNC machining center programming generally has six kinds of software

There are six kinds of software for learning CNC programming: Master, Cimatron, Pro/E, Unigraphics, Powermill, CATIA.But at present domestic commonly used software for Pro/E and Unigraphics.

Here is a brief introduction to the CNC machining center of these several commonly used several programming software and differences.

1. MasterCAM is the most commonly used software in the Pearl River Delta region.It first entered the Chinese mainland.Seventy percent of the CNC gurus you see in the factory use MasterCAM, which integrates drawing and programming.Drawing lines is the fastest.Zoom is the best.

2. Cimatron is Israeli military software that later entered our country.Its role in the knife rail is better than MasterCAM, making up for the lack of MasterCAM.The system has been widely used in machinery, electronics, aerospace, scientific research, mold and other professions.

3. Pro/E is the software developed by PTC (Parameter Technology Co., Ltd.), which has become the most popular 3D CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) system in the world for more than ten years.Widely used in electronics, machinery, mold, industrial design and toys and other occupations.

4, Unigraphics (referred to as UG) into China's mainland time is much later than Pro-E, but is currently the world's most advanced manufacturing CAD/CAE/CAM high-end software.UG software is chosen by many leading manufacturers in the world, engaged in industrial design, detailed mechanical design, engineering manufacturing and other fields.Today, UG has more than 17,000 customers worldwide.UG has developed rapidly since it entered the Chinese market in 1990.Has become car, machinery, computer, household appliances, mold design and other fields of the first choice of software.

5, Powermill is a British programming software, with the best knife path, especially suitable for waste processing.

6. The most obvious feature of CATIA is its strong surface function, which is incomparable to any CAD 3D software.At present, almost all airlines in China are using CATIA.UG was used, of course, but it wasn't widely used.However, small businesses generally can not afford to buy the legal version, our country is rarely pirated.