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Materials and features of 3D printing(3D priting)

Mar 29,21

Materials and features of 3D printing(3D priting)

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of constructing objects by printing them layer by layer using bonded materials such as powdered metals or plastics based on digital model documents
3D printing materials include photosensitive resin, nylon (glass fiber), full-color soft adhesive ABS, PLA, metal, red wax and blue wax, soft adhesive, PC, PP and other batch replicas materials, the printing range is suitable for jewelry, industrial design, casting, medical, automotive electronics, aerospace, cultural creativity, emerging industries and other fields.

The nature of the parameter
Scope of application
Material characteristics
Layer-by-layer printing thickness 0.2mm, error range +/-0.2mm, recommended minimum detail 0.8mm, recommended minimum wall thickness 1mm
Suitable for printing relatively simple, regular models, testing industrial designs, etc.
PLA plastic is a new biodegradable material, low price, high strength and durable, environmental protection material, is a kind of material with high cost performance
Photosensitive resin
The error range is ±0.1mm(L≤100mm) or ±0.1%×L (L > 100mm), the recommended minimum detail is 0.5mm
The recommended minimum wall thickness is 1mm.
Widely used in industrial, automotive, medical, consumer electronics and other industrial field verification design.
The surface is very smooth, high precision, good toughness, easy to color processing.
The thickness of each layer is 0.1mm, and the error range is +/-0.10mm
Recommended minimum detail 0.8mm, recommended minimum wall thickness 1mm.
High strength and toughness do not need to support the structure is suitable for a more comprehensive, multi-purpose, see can print functional and a variety of complex design
Nylon material has high strength, good flexibility and good heat resistance, and the appearance effect is granular abrasive feeling.
Red candle
Layer by layer thickness 0.025mm;Error range +/-0.025mm.The recommended minimum detail is 0.5mm, and the recommended minimum wall thickness is 0.5mm.
Suitable for small size models with high precision, the best choice for jewelry manufacturing.Used for rapid casting, jewelry, miniature medical instruments, small high-precision statues and so on.
The material has the advantages of high precision and high expressive force, and the model effect printed with this material has fine pattern and smooth surface quality.
Wall thickness ≥0.7mm aperture diameter ≥0.5mm
Accuracy of 0.025 mm
Mold steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and other metal powder sintering system manufacturing mold
Metal laser sintering (SLM) technology is rapid prototyping, which has the characteristics of uniform structure and no hole, and can achieve very complex structure and hot runner design.
Bulk insert film
Error range +/-0.2mm, recommended minimum detail 0.8mm, recommended minimum wall thickness 0.8mm.
Batch industrial products, cultural and creative batch products, high precision hand and so on.
Short production cycle, widely used materials ABS, PC, PP, PVC
, PMMA, PA, PTFE and so on.