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New achievements: disc bone prosthesis is available, fast ! China successfully develops' 3D priting pelvic prosthesis'

Feb 22,21

New achievements: disc bone prosthesis is available, fast ! China successfully develops' 3D priting pelvic prosthesis'

On February 8th, Guo Wei's team from the Department of Orthopedics and Oncology of Peking University People's Hospital held the technology transfer signing ceremony for the project of "GPS Universal Pelvic Ring Reconstruction System".

"From scientific conception to laboratory results to mature products, it is a long and difficult road to achieve industrialization, but it will undoubtedly promote medical progress and benefit more patients." At the ceremony, dean Jiang Baoguo said with emotion.

In recent years, 3 d printing technology in the field of medical development, its application in the field of orthopaedics has prominence in 2015, Guo Wei team developed a restoration of the sacrum Ilium restoration and reconstruction of acetabulum defect prosthesis such as whole series of 3 d printing pelvic ring artificial prosthesis general pelvic ring reconstruction system (GPS) won the second prize of national science and technology progress has the results The Chinese medical science and technology progress award Beijing municipal science and technology progress second prize, is internationally recognized as the optimal scheme of pelvic ring function reconstruction after tumor resection

In December 2015, Guo Wei's team completed the world's first 3D iliac bone prosthesis reconstruction after resection of a huge tumor in the right pelvis in 4 hours. In order to achieve a perfect fit, Guo Wei's team applied 3D printing technology to make the customized local iliac bone more in line with the functional reconstruction of biomechanical structure

"Bone tumor surgery is difficult and requires high accuracy, and any mistake during the operation could cause fatal bleeding or other serious surgical complications," Guo said. The application of 3D printing technology helps us solve this problem." So far, the system has been used in more than 300 cases with good results and greatly reduced complications.

3 d component can achieve a perfect fit with the patient's bone structure Therefore, orthopaedic 3 d printing technology can solve the implant and bone don't grow, or loose connection problem Guo Wei introduction, 3 d printing is orthopaedic surgery is new bestow favor on, it can be through the digital technology and software, using 3 d printers print out the joint mold directly, greatly improve the quality of the patient's recovery, accelerate the healing In addition, after orthopedic 3 d printing technology treatment, patients with only a few days to restore can be engaged in activities

Now, the project has been implemented, realizing the goal of China's independent research and development of pelvic tumor prosthesis, breaking the monopoly of imported products and reducing the medical expenses of the masses. Meanwhile, the successful marketization of GPS universal pelvic ring reconstruction system also provides an important model for the achievements of university research institutions to be transformed into enterprises and society

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