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Not everyone can good for Rapid prototyping worker

Nov 24,20

Rapid prototyping is a important role in the inspection drawing design is reasonable, if you don't have a designed of product, and without verification for structure and function, when begain a large number of production, will find the design flaws that will cause huge economic loss.


Today, we will introduce some details that our company workers pays attention to in the process of repair rapid prototyping after getting off the CNC machining. That’s great, if you could leave a message to add

1. When ABS rapid prototype is bonded, pay attention to the amount of glue and avoid cracking.

2. Careful read the production process and 2S-drawings.

3. Grasp the dimension accuracy of the rapid prototyping by hand polishing.

4. Acrylic panel in bonding by glue, have to don't have craze and bubble. 

5. When assemble cann’t in the wrong place, and don't have a dislocation and clearance

6. PC's products in the oven or hair dryer, don't be too high temperature.

7. POM, nylon, PP cann’t able to glue, the reason is that these three materials glue instability, so try not to use CNC machining in section. 

8. When the workpiece has an R Angle, cann’t polishing it into a right Angle. There are also places with radians on the edge of the workpiece. Also, pay attention to do it.

9. When painting do not have color difference off the paint, in the oil and spray oil control dust point.

Not everyone can good for Rapid prototyping worker, It is necessary to be patient, to sit still, good guys.