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Notes for Vacuum Casting processing

Nov 19,20

Notes for Vacuum Casting processing

Vacuum Casting is one of the manufacturing techniques selected by many manufacturers, but some problems are easy to be ignored in the process of making silica gel mold.

1, the processing of the model. Many customers are always worried that the mold surface is not smooth, not good-looking. In fact, this problem has a lot to do with the smoothness of the mold surface. The surface of the mold should be smooth, or the mold should be cleaned before pouring glue, so that the surface of the mold can be smooth and clean.

2, the proportion of curing agent. Most of the factory masters who use silica gel are relying on experience to add curing agent, rather than weighing and adding through electronic scale, because the proportion of curing agent directly affects the operation process of customers and the performance of mold. Therefore, the amount of curing agent must be weighed by electronic scale to obtain detailed data.

3, the problem of silica gel bubbles. When the silica gel and curing agent are mixed and stirred evenly, a large number of bubbles will be generated in the silica gel. Customers always want to think that there is no bubble in the silica gel, but when it is really used, it will definitely produce bubbles. In order to completely eliminate the bubble, it can only be realized by the external force of vacuum machine. A small part of bubbles can be eliminated by reducing the proportion of curing agent.

4, the time of removing and using silica gel mold. When the silicone mold can be removed after curing, it is recommended to wait for 24 hours after the mold is solidified for demoulding production.