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Operating procedures for sheet metal processing

Nov 23,20

   Sheet metal processing is an important skill that people engaged in sheet metal processing need to master, and it is also an important process for forming finished sheet metal. Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting and blanking, blanking, bending and forming, and other methods and technical parameters. The following editor will tell you about the operating procedures of Sheet metal processing.
sheet metal processing
   1. If the cable in the electrical equipment is damaged, it must be corrected and used in the future, otherwise it will be dangerous.

  2. During the operation, if there is powder, residue, etc., the operator should wear protective glasses and masks.

   3. When operating the grinding wheel and angle grinder, there should be no flammable and explosive materials around them to prevent sparks from splashing and causing fire.

  4. When working, operators should work hard, concentrate their attention, not play around, let alone do things that are not related to the homework.

  5. During the handling of materials, prevent damage to the power cables and high-pressure air pipes.

  6. ​​After the work is completed, cut off the power supply of the equipment and do the finishing work.