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Operation steps and precautions of CNC grinder(CNC rapid prototyping)

Dec 15,20

Operation steps and precautions of CNC grinder(CNC rapid prototyping)

One of the most important characteristics of CNC grinding machine operation steps is its accuracy. The machine will always finish the workpiece in the best possible shape without any damage. This paper will introduce the operation steps of CNC grinder and the matters needing attention in the operation of CNC grinder.
CNC grinder, also known as CNC grinder, is the product of the combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing technology, representing the technical level and development trend of modern basic machinery. The operation steps of CNC grinding machine is one of the key points of grinding. Only on the basis of familiar with the operation steps and precautions of the equipment, can we do a good job in daily maintenance, ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and play its functions to a certain extent.
For the operators of CNC grinding machine, they need to pass the examination and obtain the corresponding operation certificate before they can carry out the normal operation of CNC grinder. At the same time, before operating the CNC grinder, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the structure and working principle of the CNC grinder. Only by being familiar with the performance, structure and principle of the machine tool, and observing the safety operation regulations, can we operate the CNC grinder correctly and effectively and ensure the safety of the operators.
Operation steps of CNC grinder
The operation steps of ordinary grinder are as follows: preparation before grinding - > grinding wheel dressing - > moving the worktable to the proper roller loading position; > loading roller; > adjusting the grinding wheel frequency regulator, roll speed and moving speed of the worktable; > grinding wheel rack fast forward; > headstock spindle moving; coolant on; > manual feeding; > grinding wheel stand exiting; > headstock spindle stopped moving; coolant stopped; > worktable stopped; > workpiece unloading; > inspection Check - > mounting and marking
Operation steps of CNC grinding machine: pre start - > turn on the machine power supply and control > loading tool > install the parts in the vise > set the tool length offset > set the part offset XY > load the CNC program > idle run > run the program > adjust the offset as needed > shut down.
We all know that CNC grinder is different from ordinary grinder. CNC grinder belongs to automatic grinder. Ordinary grinder has manual operation, which requires workers to use well. If the product is precise, it can only be completed by teachers and masters. Otherwise, the rework rate of workpiece will be very high. But CNC grinding machine is not the same, programming, put the workpiece can be used, even a person can also watch two or three equipment at the same time.
Matters needing attention in operation of CNC grinder
In the process of CNC grinding machine production operation, there will be some accidents, pay attention to safety factors, so we need a few points of attention about CNC grinder operation.
1. Close the cover of grinding wheel and lock it to prevent accidents. When the machine is not stopped, it is forbidden to move the cover of the grinding wheel. Before use, the grinding wheel should be kept running for 1-5 minutes. At this time, accidents should be prevented and it is not allowed to stand near the grinding wheel.
2. The workpiece should be fixed and clamped during the processing of CNC grinder to prevent the workpiece flying out and grinding wheel damage (personnel, workpiece, equipment, tools) damage caused by unstable clamping or insufficient suction force caused by cutting feed.
3. When CNC grinding machine is machining, operators should not stand in the direction of sparks and cutting lines to avoid accidents.
4. When the grinding wheel is in operation, when installing the workpiece, the grinding wheel should be raised or moved back to the upper left corner, so as to start the possibility of being damaged by the grinding wheel when installing the workpiece or cleaning the disk.
5. The grinding wheel is fed from high to low to contact with the higher point of the workpiece. It is strictly forbidden to cut left and right directly, resulting in a large number of cutting, thus causing the grinding wheel to break.
6. Carefully observe the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, and inspect it from the right side.
7. When the workpiece touches the grinding wheel, it is forbidden to shake it into the worktable of CNC grinder.
8. It is forbidden to stop the working grinding wheel with hands or other objects.
9. Once the power supply is pulled out, it should be found that the grinder is not in normal operation.
10. In the process of CNC grinding machine, workers need to pay attention to the correctness of operation steps at any time and devote themselves to the processing work.
11. During the operation of CNC grinding machine, the operator should always keep alert, and it is forbidden to look around due to other external influences, so as to avoid operation accidents as far as possible.