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Precautions for polishing in sheet metal processing

Jun 04,21

Precautions for polishing in sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing factory must attach great importance to the technical processing ability of the enterprise. Only by doing a good job in the quality of products can we win the long-term cooperation of customers. In sheet metal processing, there is an important process, which is polishing. Its quality affects the appearance of the whole sheet metal parts. If customers attach great importance to the surface treatment of sheet metal shell and grasp the details, polishing must be professional.

Precautions for polishing sheet metal include:
  1. Wear protective mask (or protective mask) and glasses when working. Before work, check whether the grinding wheel is damaged, whether the safety protection device is in good condition, and whether the ventilation and dust removal device is effective. When installing, pay attention to the compression degree of the nut. It is easy to press the nut until the grinding wheel does not slide. When there are multiple compression screws, they should be gradually and evenly tightened in diagonal order.
2. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective cover must be re installed before trial run. Straight grinding wheel should be idled for 5 minutes. When the grinding wheel rotates, no obvious vibration is allowed. When grinding and polishing, start the dust suction device first, hold the workpiece firmly, do not use excessive force, do not use lever to push components, and do not stand on the front of the grinding wheel to operate, so as to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people. 7.6 the grinding wheel is not specially used for end face grinding, so it is forbidden to use the end face for grinding and polishing. When using the hand-held electric grinder for polishing, it is necessary to have a firm protective cover, add a protective neutral line, or use a leakage protector, and comply with the following safety operation rules of the electric hand grinder.

3. When more than two people are grinding and polishing at the same time, they are not allowed to work in the same direction at the same time to prevent accidents. The concave and convex parts of the workpiece should be polished gently without excessive force, and the edges and corners of the workpiece should not be ground to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking and hurting people. After work, cut off the power supply and confirm that the grinding wheel stops before leaving the post.
Only the professional process and technical requirements can make perfect products. Although the sheet metal parts have no high-tech content, the product details control directly affects the customers' impression of the factory process. Only the details of the sheet metal parts can really move the customers, and make high-quality products can retain the customers. With the long-term cooperation and trust of the customers, Enterprises can develop better