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Principle of CNC rapid prototyping-Principle of rapid prototyping

Sep 27,20

 Principle of CNC rapid prototyping-Principle of rapid prototyping

The basic point of CNC rapid prototype planning is to make one or several functional templates according to the appearance drawings or structural drawings of products without opening molds, which can be used to check the rationality of appearance or structure.
Rapid prototyping planning evolution: because of rapid prototyping was constrained by various conditions, the primary performance in the end of most of its work is done with craft, make the rapid prototype period is long and hard to severe reached the appearance and structure of the scale of the drawing requirements, and therefore its view the appearance or the function of the structure rationality also sell at a discount greatly.With the advance of technology, rapid prototyping planning and the rapid development of CAD and CAM skills provide better skills support for rapid prototyping, making accurate rapid prototyping possible.On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce social competition, the speed of product development has increasingly become the primary contradiction of the competition, and rapid prototyping can effectively improve the speed of product development. It is in this case, rapid prototyping has emerged as a relatively independent profession and flourished.

Classification of RAPID prototyping:
(I) Rapid prototype planning can be divided into craft rapid prototype and NUMERICAL control rapid prototype according to the production techniques:
(1) Craft rapid prototype: its primary work volume is finished with the craft.
(2) CNC Rapid Prototyping: its primary amount of work is finished with CNC machine tools, and according to the different equipment used, can be divided into laser Rapid Prototyping (RP, Rapid Prototyping) hand board and processing center (CNC) hand board.
A: RP RAPID prototyping: RP is A prototype produced by laser rapid prototyping.
B: CNC rapid prototyping: the first is the hand plate produced in the machining center.
RP rapid prototype is different from CNC rapid prototype: the advantages of RP rapid prototype are mainly reflected in its rapidity, but it is mainly formed through stacking skills, so RP rapid prototype is generally relatively rough, and there are certain requirements on the thickness of the product, such as the wall thickness is too thin to produce.
The strength of CNC rapid prototyping is that it can accurately reflect the information expressed in the drawings, and the CNC rapid prototyping appearance is of high quality, especially after the finished appearance spraying and screen printing, and even more beautiful than the products produced after the mold is opened.As a result, CNC handboard manufacturing is becoming the mainstay of rapid prototyping operations.

(二) According to the materials used, the rapid prototyping planning can be divided into plastic rapid prototyping and metal rapid prototyping according to the materials used in the production:
(1) Plastic rapid prototype: the original material is plastic, and the first is the rapid prototype of some plastic products, such as TV sets, monitors, telephones and so on.
(2) Metal rapid prototype: its original materials are aluminum and magnesium alloy and other metal materials. The first is the rapid prototype of some high-end products, such as laptop, high-end single player, MP3 player, CD player and so on.
Necessity for rapid prototyping:
(1) Check the appearance planning
Rapid prototype planning is not only visual, but also tangible. It can intuitively reflect planners' ideas in a variety of ways, preventing the disadvantages of "drawing beautiful but making ugly".Therefore, rapid prototyping is essential in the process of new product development and shape polishing.
(2) Check the structural planning
Because the rapid prototype is installable, it can visually reflect the rationality of the structure and the difficulty of the device.It is convenient to find and solve problems as early as possible.
(3) Avoid the risk of directly opening the mold
Because the cost of mold production is generally very high, the relatively large mold value of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, if found in the process of opening the mold structure unreasonable or other problems, its loss can be imagined.Rapid prototyping, on the other hand, prevents this loss and reduces the risk of mold opening.
(4) Make the product come out much earlier
Because of the advance of rapid prototype planning, you can use rapid prototype for product publicity before mold development, and even the early sales, production preparation work, as early as possible to occupy the market.