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Rapid prototye - Common structural materials POM,PC-plastic rapid prototyping

Oct 29,20

Rapid prototye - Common structural materials POM,PC-plastic rapid prototyping

POM is called polyformaldehyde in Chinese, commonly known as Saigang, plastic steel, is one of the most common engineering plastics.

1.The advantages of POM
1)POM has good fatigue resistance and impact strength, suitable for manufacturing plastic gear products.
2)Good creep resistance.Compared with other plastics, POM has less creep variable over a wider temperature range and can be used as a sealing part.
3)Good wear resistance and self-lubricating property.POM has self-lubricity and low friction coefficient, which makes it can be used as bearings, shafts, plastic gears, anti-wear bars, bushing, etc.
4)Good heat resistance and slow burning.The mechanical properties of POM have little change in long-term use at relatively high temperature, and the working temperature of POM can be above 100℃.
5)Low water absorption.When forming, it is not sensitive to the presence of water.

2.The disadvantage of POM
1)The solidification speed is fast, the product is easy to produce wrinkles, weld lines and other surface defects.
2)High shrinkage, difficult to control the dimensional accuracy of the products.
3)The processing temperature range is narrow, the thermal stability is poor, even in the normal processing temperature range under a little longer heat, also can occur polymer decomposition.
4)The material is slightly brittle.

3.The density of
The density is 1.41 ~ 1.43 g/cm3

4.Surface treatment of POM
The surface treatment of the POM is rarely treated.
5.The connection method
The connection mode is divided into clasp, screw, hot melt, ultrasonic and so on.

6.Scope of application
Often used for bearing, plastic gear, electrical products, CAM, shaft sleeve and so on.

PC is called polycarbonate in Chinese, commonly known as bulletproof glue.Is one of the most common transparent plastic.

1.The advantages of the PC
1)Good transparency.The transmittance can reach 90%
2)Very good strength, high mechanical strength, excellent impact resistance.Its impact strength is one of the highest in thermoplastic plastic, higher than aluminum, zinc, known as plastic metal.
3)The hardness of the surface is high after hardening treatment.
4)Excellent heat and weather resistance.PC heat resistance is higher than the general plastic, thermal deformation temperature is 135 ~ 143℃, long-term working temperature can be up to 120 ~ 130℃, is a heat resistant environment of the usual choice of plastics.Its weather resistance is also very good, put the PC parts in the outdoor, a few years after the performance remains unchanged.
5)High forming precision, stable size.The forming shrinkage rate is basically fixed at 0.5% ~ 0.7%, and the flow direction is basically consistent with the vertical direction of shrinkage.High reliability of dimensions over a wide range of operating temperatures.
2.The disadvantage of the PC
1)Poor fluidity, even at higher forming temperature, the flow is relatively slow.
2)In the molding temperature is sensitive to water, trace of water will cause hydrolysis, make the parts discoloration, bubbling, rupture.
3)Poor fatigue resistance and wear resistance.
4Poor creep resistance.

3.The density of
The density was 1.18 ~ 1.20 g/cm3
4.Surface treatment of PC
1)Vacuum plating, spraying, screen printing, pad printing, etc.
2)PC water plating effect is poor, the surface can not be water plating treatment.

5.The connection method
The connection mode is divided into buckle, screw, hot-melt, ultrasonic, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.
6.Scope of application
It is often used for transparent lens, medical equipment, stationery, coffee-pot shell, CD and so on.