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Plastic rapid prototyping - Common structural materials PVC,PA

Oct 26,20

plastic rapid prototyping - Common structural materials PVC,PA

Chinese name is polyvinyl chloride, according to the number of plasticizer can be divided into hard plastic PVC and soft plastic PVC, is one of the commonly used plastics.

1.Advantages of PVC
1)High mechanical strength.
2)Good electrical performance, difficult combustion.
3)Strong resistance to oxidant, reducing agent, acid and alkali resistance.
4)Good dimensional stability.

2.PVC shortcomings
1)Poor temperature resistance.
2)Higher density.Poor fluidity during injection.
3)Harmful substances are produced after thermal decomposition.

3.The density of the PC
The density of PVC is 1.38g/cm3
4.Surface treatment of PVC
The surface treatment of PVC includes spraying, vacuum plating, screen printing, pad printing and so on.
5.The connection method
The connection mode is buckle, screw, hot melt, ultrasonic, glue, etc.
6.Scope of application
1)Hard PVC is often used in pipes, rods, plates, electrical products and so on.
2)Soft PVC is used for wire insulation cover, sealing cover and agricultural film, daily necessities, soft rubber toys, etc.

PA is called polyamide in Chinese, commonly known as nylon. Common models include PA6, PA66, PA12, etc., and it is one of the most common engineering plastics.

1.The advantages of the PA
1)Good strength and impact resistance.
2)Good thermal and mechanical properties.
3)Wear - resistant and self - lubricated.
4)Slow burning and self - extinguishing.
5)Glass fiber, carbon fiber can be added to improve the performance.

2.The disadvantage of the PA
1)Nylon has high hygroscopicity.
2)Long-term use, dimensional accuracy has a change.

3.The density of the PA
The PA density was 1.12 ~ 1.16 g/cm3

4.PA surface treatment
PA surface treatment is rarely treated.
5.The connection method
The connection mode is divided into clasp, screw, hot melt, ultrasonic and so on.
6.Scope of application
It is often used for bearing, plastic gear, gasket, automobile industry, instrument housing, etc.