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Rapid prototye - Commonly used structural material ABS

Oct 16,20

ABS is engineering plastic, which is widely used in CNC machining.
1.The composition of ABS.
ABS is composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Acrylonitrile mainly provides chemical resistance and thermal stability; butadiene provides toughness and impact strength; styrene provides hardness and workability for ABS.The three materials combine to form a synthetic plastic.
2.The advantage of ABS.
ABS has good comprehensive performance, easy color matching, high strength, strong impact resistance, good injection flow, easy surface treatment, excellent heat and oil resistance, chemical stability, size stability, easy to machining.
3.The defect of ABS.
(1)Not resistant to organic solvents, will be swollen, will also be part of the organic solvents dissolved.
(2)The heat resistance is not good enough, the thermal deformation temperature of ordinary ABS is only 60~80℃.
4.Modification of ABS.
ABS can be blended with many other thermoplastic plastics to improve their processing and performance.
(1)Adding ABS into PVC can improve its impact toughness, combustion resistance, aging resistance and cold resistance, and improve its processing performance.Referred to as "ABS + PVC.
(2)Mixing ABS with PC can improve the impact strength and heat resistance.Referred to as "ABS + PC.
(3)Adding flame retardant to ABS material can improve the fire performance, adding glass fiber can increase the strength and so on.This kind of ABS is called fire-resistant ABS or flame retardant ABS.
5.Transparent ABS.
By replacing acrylonitrile in ABS with methyl methacrylate, transparent plastic, namely transparent ABS, can be made.Due to the reasons of toughness and transparency, transparent ABS is rarely used. PC or acrylic is more suitable for transparent products.
6.The density
The density of 1.03-107gcm
7.Common surface treatment
(1)Water plating, need to use electroplated ABS, other ABS water plating effect is not good.
(2)Vacuum plating.It can be plated with various colors and effects.
(3)Spray oil, can spray all kinds of colors, all kinds of effects.
(4)Silk screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, water transfer printing, etc.
The following is the picture of children's toy car painted by ABS:

8.The connection method
Connection mode includes buckle, screw, hot melt, laser, ultrasonic, glue, etc.
9.Scope of application
Shell of game console, home appliances, daily life, electronic products, security products, children's toys, etc.

10,The following is the model picture of the walkie-talkie handboard made of black ABS processed by CNC