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Rapid prototype-Briefly introduce the difference between PC and PMMA

Nov 17,20

Rapid prototype-Briefly introduce the difference between PC and PMMA
The following is the difference between PC and PMMA, two transparent materials frequently used in Rapid prototype

The PC is introduced
Polycarbonate (PC) commonly known as "bulletproof glass glue", transparent performance is good, is an amorphous plastic.The PC is now the fastest growing general purpose engineering plastic of the top five engineering plastics.In the absence of specific instructions, the polycarbonate generally refers to bisphenol A polycarbonate and its modified varieties.
PC board weak acid, is a polycarbonate as the main component, using a total EXTRUSION technology CO-EXTRUSION, PC board shows neutral oil resistance, strong acid resistance, not durable, not alkali resistance, to add coating UV.But high temperature resistant, good lighting effect PC sunshine board (also called polycarbonate hollow board, hollow glass card drugs board, PC board) is a high-performance engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC) resin, which has high transparency, light weight, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging and other characteristics, is a high-tech, comprehensive performance is very outstanding, energy efficient and environmentally friendly plastic plates, plastic building materials are widely used international, there are other building decoration materials (such as glass, organic glass, etc.) the incomparable advantage.

PC Rapid prototype
2 PMMA is introduced
PPMMA is commonly known as plexiglass, acrylic, chemical named polymethyl methacrylate.PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy to shape.Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, thermal molding and so on.In particular, injection molding, can be mass production, the process is simple, low cost.Therefore, its application is becoming more and more extensive, it is widely used in instrument and meter parts, automobile lamp, optical lens, transparent pipe and so on.
Acrylic is the best new material that can produce sanitary ware after ceramics.Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic in addition to unparalleled brightness, there are the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage;Repair sex is strong, should dip in with soft foam only dot toothpaste can provide clean to wipe a new;Soft texture, no cold feeling in winter;Colourful, can satisfy the individual character pursuit of different grade.Make stage basin, bath crock, sit implement with yakeli, not only design is exquisite, wear well, and have environmental protection effect, its radiate line and the radiate degree of skeleton of human body oneself differ little.

PMMA Rapid prototype
3 PC performance comparison with PMMA

Polycarbonate (PC) transparency performance: light transmittance 89%, second only to PMMA and PS
Acrylic (PMMA) transparent performance: light transmittance up to 92% above

Polycarbonate (PC) corrosion resistance: good chemical stability, but not alkali, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbon and other organic solvents  
Acrylic (PMMA) corrosion resistance: not resistant to alcohol, ketone, strong alkali, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon, oxidized hydrocarbon

Polycarbonate (PC) mechanical properties: rigid with toughness, impact resistance in plastic is the best, fatigue resistance is poor, sensitive to notch, stress cracking resistance is significant  
Acrylic (PMMA) mechanical properties: light weight is not easy to deformation, impact resistance and surface hardness are slightly poor, surface easy to rub

Polycarbonate (PC) combustion performance: slow combustion, after off the fire slowly out
Acrylic (PMMA) combustion performance: difficult ignition, slow combustion