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Rapid prototype small batch vacuum casting-vacuum casting services

Sep 28,20

Rapid prototype small batch vacuum casting-vacuum casting services

In the rapid prototyping industry, silica gel composite mold is often used to make rapid prototypes, and the first choice for small batch hand plate production before mold opening is also silica gel composite mold. Its biggest significance lies in many industrial products, such as:Household appliances, medical equipment, automobiles, digital products into a concept or idea to develop into a mature to mass production, with products designed developers need to continue to find problems, improve the product design, and mould cost is huge, not only but also for a long time, more let design research and development personnel is difficult, if the design errors, could do a lot of unnecessary loss, because often a quick tens or hundreds of thousands of steel;Therefore, before mold opening, small batch of silicone compound mold rapid prototype can be a good test of whether the new product is mature and qualified, and can avoid unnecessary losses.The materials for rapid prototyping include ABS, PP, PC, acrylic, soft rubber and silicone rubber, etc.


Vacuum casting mold, that is, vacuum complex mold, also known as silica gel complex mold, need to use silica gel mold.Both under the condition of vacuum deaeration of castable, stirring, preheating, note type, and in constant temperature box 60 ℃, 80 ℃ for 2 to 3 hours of secondary curing process, the silicone model to the reproductions, can reach the strength and hardness of materials such as ABS, color can also be configured according to the requirements of the up mould is suitable for small bulk copy pieces of plastic in the product development process, the structure is relatively complex, uniform wall thickness, satisfy a certain functional requirement of small batch sample copy production.

1. Prototyping: According to the 3D files provided by the customer, prototyping is made through CNC machining, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3D printing.
2.casting silica gel mold: after the prototype is made, the mold frame is made, the prototype is fixed, casting silica gel, after 8 hours of drying, the mold is opened to take out the prototype, the silica gel mold is made.
3.Injection type: the liquid gum material is injected into the silicone mold and cured for 30-60 minutes in a 60°-70° thermostat, then the mold can be removed. If necessary, the mold can be cured for 2-3 hours in a 70°-80° thermostat.Under normal circumstances, the service life of the silicone mold is 15-20 times.
4.Features of small batch silica gel mold rapid prototype: 1. No deformation or shrinkage of silica gel mold; 2.High temperature resistant, can be used repeatedly after the mold is formed;Provide convenience for product replication;  

5Silicone mold low price, short production cycle, processing failure is small.As long as there is nothing wrong with the original, nothing wrong with the copy.

6、Good repeatability.The silicone used for mold making has good fluidity before curing, and can keep the detailed structure and decoration of the model accurately with vacuum defoaming.