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Rapid prototyping hardware Vacuum casting coating solution-vacuum casting services

Sep 29,20

Rapid prototyping hardware Vacuum casting coating solution-vacuum casting services

In the rapid prototyping industry, TPE/ soft adhesives are often combined with plastics on the principle that TPE/ soft adhesives are of similar polarity to plastics or are adjusted through polarity to facilitate the adhesion and coating of TPE/ soft adhesives to plastics.But hardware is different from TPE/ soft glue. One is plastic and the other is hardware.It's not a category in terms of material polarity, it's not a series in terms of melting point.Therefore, TPE/ soft glue and hardware glue do not have chemical adhesion, so it is very difficult to wrap.

The difference between real coating and false coating is that hard coating and soft coating combine in different ways. The mechanism of real coating is chemically compatible compound, which is the combination of hard coating and soft coating under the condition of high temperature.The mechanism of the false coating adhesive is physical and mechanical compounding, which makes the TPE/ soft adhesive inlay together with the metal under the action of force.

The following is the author of the current industry commonly used TPE/ soft plastic wrap hardware products method. 

Overall Vacuum casting coating

The integral vacuum casting coating is equivalent to a TPE/ soft plastic piece, in which hardware products are wrapped. There is no chemical adhesive, so the coating is more feasible.Generally, a higher hardness TPE/ soft adhesive is used, and the hardness is above 80A, which can be coated. However, the coated hardware should be coated as a whole. If only one part is covered, the difficulty will increase.

2. Partial
vacuum casting coating

Partial coating, soft hardness, strength is not enough, it is difficult to adhere to, through the hole treatment of hardware, can strengthen the physical and mechanical combination of TPE and hardware, so as to improve the firmness of adhesive coating.This kind of vacuum casting coating , the author sees a lot of case of rubber of vacuum casting piece coating hardware, rubber is vacuum casting nevertheless.For example, it is very difficult to cover TPE/ soft adhesive and hardware parts with adhesive in the process of duplicate mold.If the hardware is punched, the TPE/ soft glue is injected into the hardware, or the firmness of the package can be improved.Another customer tried to precoat the hardware with glue, and then carry out the re-mould wrapping glue, but the effect was not good.

Hardware Vacuum casting coating is suitable for the following product types:

1. Machinery and equipment: rubber 0 ring, V ring, U ring, D ring, Y ring and other axis, hole;Dynamic and static sealing rings and seals;Rubber gaskets, gaskets, gaskets, flat gaskets, butterfly valve sealing rings, waterproof rings, water resistance rings, elastomers, water pump counter wheel pads, elastic pads, elastic rings, normal elastic rings, split elastic rings, joined elastic rings;Rubber seal plate, rubber guard plate, rubber sleeve, rubber ring, rubber cover, rubber foot cover, all kinds of rubber printing and dyeing accessories, machinery accessories, sports equipment accessories.

2. Automobile: water tank gasket, pipe joint, shock absorber, oil seal, shock absorber rubber gasket, automobile air conditioner seal ring, heat insulation sleeve, rubber clamp cloth.

3. Electrical appliances: silicone rubber plug, silicone seals, silicone sealing ring, silicone gasket, etc

4. Plumbing valves: gasket, butterfly valve sealing ring, leather bowl, rubber ball, star washer, pipe joint, etc.
5. Rubber coated metal parts: rubber coated iron core, rubber coated metal parts and iron coated rubber parts.

Conclusion: TPE alternative coating hardware is whether can do coating adhesive, the key depends on the structure of coating adhesive.The higher the HARDNESS of TPE, the more conducive to the plastic bag with hardware.