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Rubber-like 3d printing

Sep 01,21

Rubber-like 3d printing

Rubber-like 3D printing material: flexible wire

The most common thermoplastic elastomer wire materials are: TPE, TPU. Wire elastomer materials are usually soft and hard, generally between 80-95A, good elasticity, strong tensile resistance, wear-resisting, durable.
Commonly used in industrial applications such as soles, protective sleeves, cushion gaskets and seals.

Rubber-like 3D printing materials: Flexible photosensitive resin Photocurable 3D printing technology photosensitive resin liquid materials also have rubber-like Flexible Elastic resin materials such as 50A Elastic resin and 85A Flexible resin

Compared with wire materials, photocurable flexible resin materials printed models, smooth and delicate in appearance, excellent elasticity and flexibility (bending deformation when stressed, removing force, can quickly restore the prototype) structure has impact resistance common applications with high-precision flexible parts (such as gaskets custom fixtures
Seals and wearables), and is also one of the most suitable materials for making ergonomic components for bionic robots。
Rubber-like 3D printing materials: Flexible powder selective laser sintering (SLS)3D printing, without support, more suitable for complex heterogeneous rubber-like structural parts
At present, there are few kinds of flexible powder 3D printing materials. The mature one is Sinterit's flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powder, which has A Hardness between 40 and 55 and is the softest