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Sheet metal used(sheet metal prototyping)

May 24,21

 Sheet metal used(sheet metal prototyping)

Sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, good mass production performance and so on. It has been widely used in electronic appliances, communications, automobile industry, medical equipment and other fields, such as computer cases, mobile phones, MP3, sheet metal is an essential part.With the application of sheet metal more and more widely, the design of sheet metal parts has become a very important part of the process of product development, mechanical engineers must master the design skills of sheet metal parts, so that the design of sheet metal not only meet the requirements of product function and appearance, but also make the stamping die manufacturing simple, low cost

There are many sheet metal materials suitable for stamping processing. The sheet metal materials widely used in the electronic and electrical industry include:
It means that the ingot is continuously rolled by the cold mill into steel plate coils or sheets of required thickness.SPCC surface without any protection, exposed to the air is easy to be oxidized, especially in a humid environment oxidation speed is accelerated, dark red rust appears, the surface should be sprayed paint, electroplating or other protection.
The bottom material of SecCSECC galvanized steel plate is ordinary cold-rolled steel coil, which becomes galvanized product after degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-treatment processes in the continuous galvanized production line.SECC not only has the mechanical properties and approximate workability of ordinary cold-rolled steel sheet, but also has superior corrosion resistance and decorative appearance.In the market of electronic products, home appliances and furniture has a great competitive and substitutable.For example, the SECC is commonly used in computer cases.
Hot dip galvanized steel coil SGCC hot dip galvanized steel coil refers to the semi-finished products after hot pickling or cold rolling, after cleaning, annealing, immersed in a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 460°C, and the steel sheet is coated with zinc, and then tempered, leveled and chemically treated.SGCC material is harder than SECC material, with poor ductility (avoid deep drawing design), thicker zinc layer, and poor weldability.
The content of stainless steel SUS301Cr (chromium) is lower than SUS304, and the corrosion resistance is poor. But after cold working, it can get good tensile force and hardness, good elasticity, and is mostly used for shrapnel spring and anti-EMI.
One of the most widely used stainless steels, SUS304 has excellent corrosion and heat resistance compared with Cr (Cr) steel due to its Ni (Ni) content. It has excellent mechanical properties, no hardening by heat treatm
Sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing.Specific for example, using plate to make chimney, iron bucket, oil tank can, ventilation pipe, elbow size head, round place, funnel, etc., the main process is shear, bending buckle edge, bending, welding, riveting, need certain geometric knowledge.
Sheet metal is a sheet metal, that is, can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means of parts, a general definition is -
A part with a constant thickness during processing.Corresponding to the casting, forging, machining parts, such as the outer iron shell of the car is sheet metal parts, stainless steel made of some cabinet is sheet metal parts.
Modern sheet metal technology includes: filament power winding, laser cutting, heavy processing, metal bonding, metal drawing, plasma cutting, precision welding, roll forming, sheet metal bending forming, die forging, water jet cutting, precision welding and so on.
The surface treatment of sheet metal parts is also a very important part of the sheet metal processing process, because it has the role of preventing parts from rusting and beautifying the appearance of the product.The role of surface pretreatment of sheet metal parts is mainly to remove oil, oxide, rust, etc., it prepares the surface after treatment, and then the treatment is mainly spray (bake) paint, spray and plating rust layer.
3D software, SolidWorks, UG, Pro/E, SolidEdge, TopSolid, CATIA and so on have a sheet metal piece, mainly through the 3D graphics editing and get the required data for the processing of plate metal pieces (such as the expansion diagram,Bending line, etc.) and CNC Punching Machine/Laser,Plasma,Waterjet Cutting Machine (Laser,Plasma,Waterjet Cutting Machine)/ CombinationMachine) and CNCbending Machine.
The quality of sheet metal parts in addition to the strict requirements in the production process, is independent of the production of quality inspection, it is strictly according to the drawing size, 2 it is strictly controlled the appearance quality, the size does not conform to repair or scrap processing were analyzed, and the appearance is not allowed to touch scratches, after spraying color, corrosion resistance, adhesion test, etc.In this way, you can find errors in the expansion diagram, bad habits in the manufacturing process, errors in the manufacturing process, such as numerical programming errors, mold errors, etc.