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The difference between rough machining and fine machining in CNC machining(cnc machining)

Jun 04,21

The difference between rough machining and fine machining in CNC machining(cnc machining) CNC machining

This is a term in CNC processing, CNC processing is generally divided into rough processing, processing, finishing.Is the final place processing, control (precision) (precision) size.It is not to say that CNC machining fine turning tool is larger than the rough turning tool.The cutting tool of the fine car is the standard knife, and there will be no surface roughness when the workpiece is processed, and there will be no place where the machining is in place. The tolerance size can be guaranteed.CNC processing of the rough knife is not the same, the wear of the workpiece (a basic type of parts failure) degree is not the same, the processing accuracy (accuracy) is not the same.
The surface quality of CNC machined parts is closely related to the machining accuracy (precision).CNC processing CNC also known as computer gong, CNCCH or CNC machine tool is actually a name in Hong Kong, a large number of reduce the number of tooling, CNC processing complex shapes of parts do not need complex tooling, CNC processing is a new processing technology, the main work is the preparation of processing programs, the original manual work into computer programming,If you want to change the shape and size of the parts, you only need to modify the parts processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.Imagine that the surface of a part is very rough. Is it possible that its dimensional accuracy, shape and position accuracy are high?
In the process of using CNC processing, direct contact in the structure is the surface of the parts, and even many parts use the key (interpretation: metaphor things an important part) in some surface quality (such as sliding bearings (bearing) and shaft contact surface, etc.)
The surface quality of parts processed by CNC is often required by the use of parts. For example, many parts require very high surface Hardness. For example, the surface quality of the molded parts (named "Mother of Industry") is to meet the functional requirements of the parts.
Rough machining should consider leaving a reasonable enough allowance for fine machining;
Correct datum positioning should be selected during finishing, and reasonable processing sequence, tool materials and cutting parameters should be selected to ensure the final quality of products.Numerical control machining in numerical control machine tool parts processing on a process method, numerical control machine tool processing and the traditional machine tool processing process from the overall is consistent, but also has undergone obvious changes.A machining method for controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information.It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts variety, small batch, complex shape and high precision, and to realize high efficiency and automatic processing.
The surface quality of CNC machining parts affects the use of parts, and parts with surface defects affect the performance of parts.Numerical control processing by the control system issued instructions to make the tool to meet the requirements of a variety of movement, in the form of numbers and letters to represent the shape and size of the workpiece and other technical requirements and processing process requirements for processing.It generally refers to the process of processing parts on CNC machine tools.In order to improve the degree of production automation, shorten the programming time and reduce the cost of CNC machining, a series of advanced CNC machining technologies have been developed and used in the aerospace industry.For example, if there is a small crack on the surface of a part, it is likely that the crack will expand and eventually cause a fracture of the part after use.