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Today, let's send Yuan Lao Yuan Longping for the last ride

May 24,21

Today, let's send Yuan Lao Yuan Longping for the last ride

The farewell ceremony for Yuan Longping's body was held at the Mingyangshan Funeral Home in Changsha City, Hunan Province this morning
After each wisp of rising smoke, are floating from the world of memories.

In front of the outpatient building of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University in Changsha, Hunan province, three handfuls of verdant rice bundles stand quietly. I don't know who picked up the dream for which the old man had fought all his life and offered it to him.
Hearse over, people along the way to send each other; The sound of the whistle, wish him a good journey. One seed of rice fills the granary of the world. Thousands of words, a life story.
He took the needs of the motherland and the people as his duty, and devoted himself to the motherland and the people as his goal. He worked in the fields all his life and wrote his scientific and technological papers down-to-earth in the motherland.
The people engraved Yuan Longping into their hearts.

1You are like a wild goose following the sun, seek rice for the people
After the death of Yuan Longping, there is such a hot word in the mourning of the literary words - the national scholar. What is a national scholar? Is he "a man of virtue" or "a man of strength"? I'm afraid you can't tell the whole story of Mr. Yuan. Because there is also responsibility and love for the people, for the country, for the nation.
Yuan was awarded the "Republic Medal" on Sept 17, 2019. On the same day, he was also in the experimental field to check the growth of hybrid rice. Unable to move around, the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences set up an experimental field next to his house so he could see the rice from home.

Yuan Longping was awarded the "Republic Medal" picture
When his feet can no longer step into the paddy field, his heart is still in the vast fields.
What made him so attached to the rice fields?
"The waves of a big river are wide, the wind blows the rice and flowers along the banks..." In the 1956 film Shangganling, young volunteer soldiers sing "My Motherland" in the tunnels of a foreign land.
The fragrance of the waves of rice carries people's love for their hometown, their warm thoughts, and their yearning for peace.
That year, at the age of 26, Yuan Longping began his agricultural experiments. Soon after, his research shifted from sweet potato breeding to rice breeding. This turned around, changed his life, but also affected the survival of China and the world.
The history of the Chinese nation is a history of the struggle against hunger. Hunger was one of the most painful national memories. Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, young Yuan Longping was determined to study farming because of the starvation on the road.
"Let all people away from hunger," a dream that seemed so far-fetched at the time, set Yuan Longping on a pursuit that lasted more than half a century.
"As the first generation to study agriculture in New China, I am determined to increase grain production and prevent people from going hungry," he said. In 1953, after graduating from the Southwest Agricultural College of genetics and breeding major, Yuan made a vow.
The vigorous and progressive new China provided Yuan Longping with a broad stage to practice the oath of serving the country through agriculture. The increasingly prosperous motherland is the fertile soil for his scientific research.

In October 1980, China's first hybrid rice breeder Yuan Longping (second from the left), after more than 10 years of hard research and experiments, with the cooperation of related scientific research institutions, conquered the seed production, making the hybrid rice research a comprehensive success, and opened up a new way for rice yield increase. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ping
In 1984, when the Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center was set up, the first funding from the state was as high as 5 million yuan, Yuan recalled. Therefore, the center quickly built greenhouses and climate chambers, equipped with more than 200 instruments
Looking back at Yuan's life, I can see that the great aspiration is not a fever of the moment, but a generation of Chinese intellectuals' feelings and responsibility for the destiny of their country.
This is a hard road to go. Doubts, failures, setbacks, such as the common; Misunderstanding, opposition, slander, ever followed.
He kept silent, carried the bacon on his back, and took the train for several days to Yunnan, Hainan and Guangdong. He repeated one experiment after another.
Chasing temperature and sunlight for rice seeds, like migratory birds chasing the sun!
If food is stable, the world will be safe. Rice cultivation is an applied science. For scientist Yuan Longping, the needs of the country and the people are Paramount -- technology changes constantly, but the starting point for all work is always a good harvest.
In recent years, the annual planting area of hybrid rice has exceeded 240 million mu, with an annual yield increase of about 2.5 million tons. China has proved to the world with irrefutable facts that we can feed our 1.4 billion people by ourselves.
"The country scholar is in, and thick, can not be."

2“I am a sparrow in Dongting LakeBe a seagull of the Pacific Ocean
On the afternoon of May 22, the hearse slowly pulled out of the hospital. On the broad main road in Changsha, many cars stopped to honk their horns and people poured into the street, chanting in unison: "Yuan Lao, have a good journey!"
At this moment, Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, wrote on the Internet: "Cultivate hybrid rice for one's whole life, and ten thousand grains will be Chinese grains. My beloved master forever!"
The fight against hunger is not only a struggle of the Chinese people, but also a struggle of people all over the world. According to the Global Food Crisis 2021 Report released by the World Food Program (WFP), at least 155 million people in 55 countries/regions will be affected by acute food insecurity of "crisis" level or worse in 2020.

In the face of the global food crisis, we cannot stand aloof or remain indifferent.
Overseas personage says, this old man studies, is eradicated hunger "Oriental magic rice".
Today, "Oriental Magic Rice" has grown over 8 million hectares in more than 40 countries around the world.

Yuan Longping (L) is presented the 2011 Mahathir Prize for Science by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (R) for his contribution to tropical agricultural development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jan 31, 2012. Xinhua hair
In 2010, Josette Sheeran, then the executive director of the World Food Program, wrote: "People ask me why I am so confident that hunger can be eliminated in our generation. China is my answer."
In February 2017, the journal Nature Botany published an article saying that China's research on rice biology, genetics and population genomics leads the world in rice and crop science research.
Why does a scientific research worker have the charm beyond national boundaries and the skills leading the world?
You'll understand better when you see the new currency of the African island nation of Madagascar. It features hybrid rice, bringing an end to imported rice in a country where two million people once faced famine.
Hybrid rice has become the "Chinese solution" to global food shortages. To feed the world is the interpretation of the scientific spirit of Chinese agricultural scientists and the annotation of the community with a shared future for mankind.
To develop hybrid rice for the benefit of the people of the world is Yuan Longping's lifelong aspiration.
He saidI am a sparrow in Dongting Lakebe a seagull of the Pacific Ocean.
He has done!

Yuan Longping inspects the growth of rice in the fourth phase of Yuan Longping Super Rice Demonstration Plot in Liande Village, Huangguan Town, Guanyang County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Aug. 19, 2013. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Bo 'an photo

Those who live in the big world and see the colorful young people are always hit by the most simple force in Yuan Longping's personality -- that is "true", true as a teenager.
He is stubborn, in thousands of times of failure still firmly believe that there is a seed in the world, can overcome hunger;
He frank, after success, in the face of the failure of the production of no burden, "fall on fall, climb up again is";
He is humorous. When he enters his youth, he always calls himself "the post-90s" and laughs to compare his brains with those of young researchers.
He was active, and over the age of 80, he could still play a full game of volleyball and serve as the lead spiker.
He is a romantic, working late into the night, will take his wife's hand on a whim to run to the river, jump in the water for fun;

"You are the age of flowers, and it is the time of dreams. But it is not enough to dwell on your dreams. I urge you to dream up your dreams and work hard to achieve them." This message to college freshmen has struck the hearts of countless young Chinese.
Yuan Longping is gone, Yuan Longping star still shining...
On the morning of May 22, when he was dying, his relatives and friends gathered around Yuan Longping's bed, singing his favorite song.
He walked peacefully with a smile on his lips. Some people say that Yuan Lao so miss her mother, finally returned to her mother's arms.
Others said he must have fallen asleep. In the dream, the ear of rice is higher than sorghum, and the ear grain is bigger than the peanut. The wind blows gently, and Yuan, wearing a straw hat, sits under the ear of rice.
Wo cool dream, a dream born one by one. This is Yuan Longping's dream, is also the dream of the later.
He left no final words. But what he wanted to say, people could see --
From the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the North China Plain, from the Dongting Lake region to the Jiangnan water towns, countless farmers are still waiting for the third generation of hybrid rice from the experimental field to the production field. In Xinjiang, Shandong, Heilongjiang and other places, more than 100,000 mu of sea experimental rice fields have yielded good yields, and many corners are still waiting for the ideal of "regenerating 100 million mu of fertile land" to be realized step by step...

The unfinished business, the value of science, is waiting for us to stick to, struggle, dig.
"Rice does not grow in books, only in fields." This is the growth secret Yuan Longping gave to young researchers -- only practice, not live up to the truth.
Even in the midst of a serious illness, Yuan Longping's main concern was scientific research.
At the beginning of his admission, he asked the medical staff every day: "Is it sunny or rainy?" "What's the temperature today?" Once, the nurse answered 28. Yuan Longping was anxious: "This has an effect on the maturity of the third generation of hybrid rice!"
When he was seriously ill, what he never forgot was to exhort the students to develop the hybrid rice business well.
This is the true qualities of a scientist -- patriotism for the people, hard work, dedication. Until the last moment of his life, Yuan Longping was still struggling to burn himself and learn.
Life has an end, and science has no end.
A generation of scientific giants fell, leaving a rich spiritual heritage, inspiring generations of researchers to dream for the horse, live up to the young age!
You listen to!
The determination of inheritance, such as full ears of rice - "I chase the star fell, there will be more stars shine..."
The oath of youth, such as rice seedlings flourish - "please rest assured, you this' after 90 'did not complete, there are other' after 90 'top!"
Yuan Longping is gone, Yuan Longping star is still shining...

Cultivation is consistent so full of dreams read the world so great
Yuan Lao, go well!