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Vacuum casting is a good way for less batch rapid prototyping

Dec 15,20

Designer in the development of new products all the time need to do a hand to verify the size of the products, the appearance and structure, etc., the number of planks do you usually do not much, but sometimes the customers may need to do several dozens or hundreds of sets of hand, if all made our CNC machining to very high, as these customers we recommend the use of vacuum casting process to do.

In the production of silicone compound mold need to make a first prototype, the prototype can be done in CNC machining or 3D-SLA, a bit more complicated product recommendations made of SLA, according to the original, make a silicone mold, and under the vacuum state USES the material for casting, thus cloned copies of the same as the prototype, in terms of product small batch production.
vacuum casting is a good process for making small-batch models. Its advantages include fast time, less cost and small probability of processing failure.
More than 20 of the same products can be made using a single silicone mold.

Product materials can be: ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, POM, high temperature resistant materials, soft rubber, silicone rubber, and so on
The following are some products made using vacuum casting