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Vacuum casting process and matters needing attention(vacuum casting services)

Oct 13,21

Vacuum casting process and matters needing attention(vacuum casting services)

Silicone vacuum casting to make a simple mold is often used to make small batch products, can be used as a prototype, can also be used to do actual market validation, silicone vacuum casting materials including ABS, PC, PP, POM, silica gel and other materials, vacuum casting out of the product can also be oil injection, screen printing and other post-processing, So what are the technological processes and matters needing attention in the production of silicone vacuum casting?
1.the steps of silicone mold production can be divided into three steps.
2.Silicone mold: After the prototype is ready, start making silicone mold. After eight hours of drying, the silicone mold is cut open and the prototype is removed. At this point, the silicone mold is ready
3.Injection type: Inject the liquid gum material into the silica gel mold and dry it. The service life of silica gel mold is about 20 mold times.

 2.silicone vacuum casting production matters needing attention
1. In the process of opening the mold, what to do if there are bubbles in the silica gel mold? Under the condition of vacuuming machine, it is necessary to mix silica gel and curing agent evenly before vacuuming. If there is no vacuum machine, it can appropriately reduce the amount of curing agent to be processed, such as the ratio of the original silica gel and curing agent is 4%, now changed to 1%-2%. In this way, the bonding time of the silicone mold in the early stage will be slow, and the air in the mold will gradually be discharged to reduce bubbles.
2. The uneven curing of silica gel mold is mainly caused by the inaccurate ratio of silica gel and curing agent, which is not weighed according to the requirements, or the silica gel and curing agent are not carefully mixed and evenly.
3. According to the size of the product to separate processing, in principle, the size scale of the product is proportional to the hardness of the silica gel. If small products or very precise products can use very soft silica gel to open the mold, the hardness is generally 10-20 degrees, so it will be good demoloming, but also will not damage the product texture. If large products, such as more than 50 cm products, we must use the hardness of 40-50 silica gel to open the mold, so as not to deformation