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what-are-the-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-CNC cnc machining

Oct 19,20

what-are-the-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-CNC cnc machining

With the rapid rise of 3D printing technology, the advantages of traditional CNC processing methods are becoming less and less obvious. However, at present, it still dominates the rapid prototyping industry. Let's take a look at its advantages and disadvantages



  • Industrial design products, no matter the appearance, structure, function requirements can be completed with CNC processing
  • The material performance is extensive, to have the characteristic request function piece, can find the corresponding or the similar material to satisfy the production demand in the market
  • It is suitable for processing some large parts. From the perspective of cost, the cost is much lower than that of 3D printing. Now, due to the mature application of materials and adhesives, disassembly will not affect the strength after splicing
  • If the equipment is finished or manual post-processing is needed, various surface treatments can be done directly on the surface of the parts after completion, with the effect close to or even higher than the product itself.
  • For small and complex parts processing difficulty, time is also large, the details are difficult to process in place
  • Compared with 3D printing, drawings need to be disassembled, programmed, machined, and the parts need to be removed, prodded and splicing by hand (the following picture is the disassembled part of the above part).


  • Processing cycle is long, manual processing workload is large, the final impact of the order flow transition slow
  • Based on the above comparison, it can be seen that CNC is more suitable for processing all kinds of large parts with simple structure and relatively heavy weight, while 3D printing is mainly suitable for producing all kinds of thin-wall parts with complex structure and appearance.