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What are the characteristics and uses of aluminum alloy prototype!

Dec 01,21

In the hand board prototype industry, metal hand board prototype is one of the major categories, which is divided into aluminum alloy hand board prototype, magnesium alloy hand board prototype and other types. The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the characteristics of the aluminum alloy hand board produced by Zhongda model and the use of the product!

The emergence of aluminum alloy hand plate prototype is better to save costs. Many bosses do not look at the market. Regardless of experience, they directly open mold production, most of which has caused cost losses, resulting in serious consequences such as factory closure and factory delay in production. In fact, it will not cost much to test the aluminum alloy model first. It was difficult to produce before, but

Now with the five axis CNC instrument, the production of any aluminum alloy model is basically fast, so its characteristic is to save factory manufacturing costs and reduce unnecessary losses.

Aluminum alloy prototype is generally used in aviation, military industry, auto parts, industrial machinery, chemical machinery, ships and other industries. With the rapid development of society, it is very widely used.

Zhongda model is still very important as a domestic heavyweight prototype manufacturer of aluminum alloy hand plate. The manufacturing of aluminum alloy hand model is divided into the following steps.

1. Programming + Design: according to the product design drawing provided by the customer, we write the program. If there is no design drawing, we will manually measure and then machine test.

2. Process with five axis or three-axis CNC instrument, input the program written by the programmer into the NC processing equipment, and let the equipment come out first.

3. Polishing + painting. After the product comes out of the five axis CNC instrument, there will be many defects, such as burrs, burrs, irregularities and forks. This requires us to polish manually. Some customers need us to spray oil and UV brighten.

4. It is the oxidation treatment of the prototype of the aluminum alloy hand board. The chemical raw materials are used to make the product surface react chemically and form a mold itself, so that the product will not scratch.

The above is about the characteristics and uses of the metal prototype. I hope it can help you