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What are the influencing factors of CNC capacity improvement? (CNC prototyping)

Jul 06,21

What are the influencing factors of CNC capacity improvement? (CNC prototyping

CNC production capacity has the following factors: product processing technology, CNC program and process parameters, CNC processing technology, production site management, workshop layout and logistics system planning and design, CNC abnormal rate, tool loss, production environment and so on.
1. The processing cost of a product is directly related to the processability of its structure. The processing technology of the product determines the processing cost, and also limits the processing efficiency and production capacity. Therefore, from the perspective of product design, reduce the difficulty of processing technology as much as possible, so as to reduce the processing cost, shorten the processing time of CNC, improve the processing quality and efficiency, and finally enhance the productivity of CNC.
2. The influence of cutting tools on CNC machining is not only reflected in precision and quality, but also in processing efficiency, production capacity and processing cost. The frequency and degree of tool wear in CNC machining process will directly affect the product quality, the utilization rate of CNC spindle and the improvement of productivity. Tool life is a key factor affecting spindle utilization. Especially when a product has many CNC processing procedures, large processing capacity and high dimensional accuracy requirements, it will need more kinds of tools. At this time, the CNC tool magazine automatically changes the tool, and the tool setting action is more frequent, and the tool wear is large, so that the manual tool change and machine adjustment are more frequent. Tool wear is an important index that affects the normal production rhythm and productivity of CNC. Through the technical improvement, improve the life of the tool, not only can save the cost of the tool, more importantly, can reduce the CNC spindle dwell time, so as to improve the utilization of CNC, improve production capacity, effectively reduce processing costs.
3. Optimize the CNC program and process parameters. In the process of determining the product processing technology, we should fully consider all the functions of CNC machine tools, so as to shorten the processing route, reduce the number of tool walking and tool changing, so as to improve the production capacity. Through the selection of reasonable cutting parameters, give full play to the cutting performance of the tool, optimize the CNC processing parameters, ensure the high-speed machining of the spindle, in order to reduce the CT time of parts processing, and finally improve the processing efficiency of the product.
4. Optimize the CNC machining process to improve the productivity. It takes a long time for the spindle to automatically change the tool in the tool magazine, about 3S. In a certain process, when there are many kinds of tools needed, the frequency of tool changing is higher, and the number of tool checking is also more, which eventually leads to a larger proportion of "non cutting time" of CNC itself in the whole processing CT time, thus affecting the maximum play of CNC production capacity. There is much room for capacity improvement in the formulation of traditional CNC processing technology. Therefore, in the formulation of CNC processing technology, we should not only focus on the feasibility of processing, but also focus on the impact of the formulation of processing technology on processing efficiency. By reasonably arranging the processing sequence and reducing the number of tool changes, the processing time of CNC can be effectively shortened and the production capacity can be improved.
5. In the process of CNC machining according to the established procedures, there is no need for direct manual intervention, and there is no need for manual clamping of products for many times. The products with the required machining accuracy, size, and a certain amount of cutting can be obtained. However, due to many factors such as personnel quality, manual operation mode, and production site management, the processing quality and production capacity of products will be affected. Therefore, SOP should be formulated and strictly implemented to standardize manual operation and reduce slack and unnecessary action time waste. Set up incentive system to improve the enthusiasm of operators to improve production capacity and product processing quality.
6. In the production process, the products to be processed could not be in place in time, resulting in CNC spindle stoppage, thus affecting the production capacity. There are many factors that affect the processing timeliness of products to be processed. Among them, the lack of JIT (non inventory production) awareness of logistics personnel, the slack of CNC operators, the unscientific and unreasonable workshop layout and logistics system, the mismatching of production capacity among various processes, and the shortage of incoming materials will affect the production capacity of CNC. In the layout planning of workshop production, the finished area and to be processed area of products should be close to CNC as far as possible, so as to reduce the waste of action time when operators pick up and place products. Considering the frequent tool wear, each CNC should be equipped with a certain amount of tool spare parts, so as to reduce the waste of equipment waiting. Therefore, by optimizing the workshop production layout and logistics mode, improve the logistics timeliness of products to be processed, at the same time, strengthen personnel management, improve the JIT awareness of personnel, so as to enhance the production capacity.
7. In the process of CNC machining, it is inevitable that there will be various abnormalities, such as tool breakage, product processing abnormality, equipment abnormality and fixture abnormality. When these anomalies occur frequently, it is necessary to manually change the tool and adjust the machine, which will cause the spindle to stop and the production capacity to drop. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the normal tool life, check the equipment and fixture condition frequently, reduce the potential abnormality of CNC itself, and ensure the service life of the cylinder, solenoid valve, motor and other electrical components on the fixture in the oil environment, so as to reduce the production interruption of CNC spindle and improve the utilization rate of spindle.