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What are the surface treatment methods of aluminum?

Apr 15,21

What are the surface treatment methods of aluminum?

Now, there are about how much aluminum surface treatment, as a small editor of the aluminum surface treatment industry, recently crazy in learning this aspect of knowledge. Our model surface treatment for more than 10 years, its own research and development, production, sales, after-sales support process system, to meet the various needs of customers, and can provide technical support for customers. So what are the aluminum surface treatment methods?
Xiaobian lists the following kinds:
Deburring: mainly remove the surface burr, so that it does not scratch the hand, do not stab the hand, easy to use.

Polishing: mainly to overcome and remove the aluminum surface defect burr, so that it has a bright surface.

Sand blasting: mainly to overcome the defects of aluminum alloy produced in mechanical processing, and to cover them up, to meet the customer's special requirements for the appearance of the product. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., showing a different feeling, similar to the rough texture of ground glass, fine sand type can also show advanced products.

Metal plating method: this method is commonly used by manufacturers, in addition to the gold plating process after grinding.
Car grain: it is mainly the processing mode of the processing after the grinding tool is formed. The grain pattern is processed by the lathe, and the adult body shows very regular texture characteristics.

Rub grain: can be called pull line, performance similar to the pattern of the car, the surface is formed smooth continuous pattern, the difference is that the car grain performance for the ring pattern, rub grain performance for the straight line batch flower shape.
Oxidation (coloring) : aluminum surface treatment oxidation is divided into two aspects, enhance physical properties, to achieve the purpose of coloring.
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