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What can we do about the sheet metal's marks of press riveting?

Nov 06,20

What can we do about the sheet metal's marks of press riveting?

The client order some appearance sheet matal parts that need pressure riveting, material 6061-T6, clear annodizing, and rivet is SS316. Frist, do 2pcs samples.

The problem bothered us at that time, because the rivets were SS, couldn't be oxidized, they would melt away, we had to first sand blast, oxidize and then press the rivets.
Have tried many times to adjust the riveting force, and put cardboard boards or plastic boards,,(so on) under it. The indentation has been there all the time. How to do?


The client is a regular customer, they have been very assured of us, these parts not in a hurry, and believe we can solve.
After discussion with the old master, the production manager and the engineering supervisor, they all agreed that the problem could be solved only by sand blasting after riveting, and conductive oxidation

The result is very satisfactory and a large order has been placed with us as scheduled.

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