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What details should be paid attention to in the process of making Rapid prototye

Mar 19,21

What details should be paid attention to in the process of making Rapid prototye

An important role of Rapid Prototypes is to check whether the design of the drawing is reasonable. If the product designed by a product has not been improved in structure, function and other aspects

To verify a large number of production defects, and then put into production. This will cause huge economic losses.
So what details do we need to pay attention to in the production process of hand board proofing?
  1. When bonding ABS products, pay attention to the amount of glue more or less, do not have cracking phenomenon.

2. The production process and drawings should be carefully read

3. Manual grinding should grasp the dimension accuracy of the hand board.

4. When the acrylic hand board is bonded, there should be no cracks or bubbles.

5. Don't glue the wrong place, and don't have dislocation and gap during assembly.

6. The temperature of PC products should not be too high when it is put in the oven or blown by air duct

7. POM, nylon, aluminum alloy products can not be bonded, because the glue of these three materials is not stable, so try not to use CNC disassembly processing.

8. If the workpiece has R angle, don't make it into a right angle. If there is arc on the edge of the workpiece, you should also pay attention to it

9. In the aspect of fuel injection, there should be no color difference, paint dropping and other phenomena, and the dust point should be controlled during oil mixing and fuel injection.

10. Pay attention not to deform and shrink, not to have too many bubbles, and consider shrinkage.