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The difference between the product of vacuum casting processing and injection molding(vaccum casting)

Aug 30,21

 The difference between the product of vacuum casting processing and injection molding(vaccum casting)

Before the mass production of products on the market, there are many manufacturers need to produce some products in small batches for market reaction test. At this time, if the production mode of mass products is adopted, it is good to produce by mold injection molding, resulting in long production cycle and high cost of mold opening, so small batch is not suitable for mass production. At present, it is generally used for the production of small batches of products by means of silicone compound mold processing, so what is the difference between vacuum casting processing and injection molding products?

1. Raw materials of products
The raw material of the hand plate is the use of A, B two different liquid fusion through chemical and physical reaction curing, the hardness and flexibility of the product after molding is compared with the engineering plastic of batch injection molding, so the product is generally similar to the performance of injection molding products, but still not so good.
2. Product finish
The compound mold is artificially or mechanically poured into the silica gel mold cavity by vacuum and then baked curing molding. If there is no accurate grasp of vacuuming time, the surface of the product will produce bubbles and even incomplete. And the mass production is through high pressure injection molding, so the surface finish is significantly better than the hand plate mold; So the compound mold products also need later polishing, repair treatment.
Through the silicone compound mold products in appearance and performance and injection molding products or there are differences, also only suitable for some of the performance requirements of the product is not high, can be through the silicone compound mold to small batch production.
3. Color of the material
Although multiple mold can make a variety of different colors, but its color is relatively dull, dull. Because the compound mold is A perfusion out, the product molding time is usually more than 2 hours, each time the color of the A group of materials should not be more than 24 hours, otherwise it will go bad, so if more than A dozen copies of the color of the product is difficult to achieve consistency (except black). And the color of injection molding is through the toner and colloidal participation will not deteriorate in the short term, but also better ensure the consistency of color;
Therefore, the product out of the compound mold is generally treated by painting and spraying oil in the later stage to achieve the characteristics of smooth and bright model surface. But the silicone compound mold still has many advantages. The advantages are fast time, less cost, small chance of processing failure, etc. More than 20 of the same products can be made using a single silicone mold. Greatly reduced product development costs, cycle and risk.