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What should be paid attention to in sheet metal shell design? (sheet metal)

Jun 22,22

What should be paid attention to in sheet metal shell design? ( sheet metal)

Sheet metal shell as the name implies is a shell product made of sheet metal material, it is made by using sheet metal forming process, so as to store servers, computers, power or other equipment housing. However, in order to better meet the requirements of users, for sheet metal equipment, the design of the sheet metal shell is limited by a variety of factors, and needs to meet the technical requirements of multiple aspects. Therefore, in the design of sheet metal shell, there are many aspects to pay attention to. So you know sheet metal shell design to pay attention to what aspects?
Pay attention to the following aspects in sheet metal shell design:

1, the spread of sheet metal shell design must be quite reasonable, pay attention to save materials and its processability.
2, sheet metal shell design, should pay attention to the special Angle, bending Angle radius (general R=0/5) to try to fold and expand it.
3, sheet metal shell design should have good usability and necessary protective facilities, so that the equipment is easy to operate, installation and maintenance, safe and reliable use.
4. The sheet metal shell design should meet the requirements of standardization, normalization and serialization, and pursue beautiful appearance, applicability and color coordination on the basis of ensuring the performance of equipment.
5, sheet metal shell design, the structure and layout should be reasonable design, the overall design should conform to human engineering, human-computer interaction design humanization, fully consider all kinds of safety risks, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment, simple and comfortable.
6, sheet metal shell mainly plays a role in fixing and protecting the internal structure of the equipment. In the design, sheet metal shell should be designed in accordance with customer drawings or specific specifications and sizes, and meet the requirements of the internal structure design, to be easy to process, low cost and beautiful.
7, in the sheet metal shell design, should be examined to material technology, processing procedures, production costs and other factors, so that the design meets the requirements of the process, simple structure and assembly, easy to debug and packaging and transportation products, to ensure the feasibility of the design drawings, practicality and economy.
To sum up, is the sheet metal shell design to pay attention to some aspects. It is important to note that because of its unique metal molding process led to the unfavorable with complex shape, so in the sheet metal casing design should break through the traditional square model, and to facilitate manufacturing, not do more fruitful surface change, suit to do more processing of surface process, reduce the difficulty of production manufacturing to ensure the feasibility of design scheme at the same time, the device modelling concise and beautiful, In line with people's aesthetic.