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Why is the sheet metal bending wrong every time

Oct 15,21

Why is the sheet metal bending wrong every time

Problem description: EVERY time I fold a few millimeters larger than the actual size, but it is correct to use a ruler to measure the distance between the rear stop material and the mold. What's going on here. I folded 0.8mm and 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate.

Answer: plate bending is actually a stretching process, plate bending after the wall is actually lengthened, so that the bending coefficient. For example, 0.8 mm thick iron plate bending coefficient is 1.5, 100 mm long cold rolled plate bending 0.8 mm thick 20, another bend is actually 81.5. The bending coefficient is tried out, the bending coefficient is different according to the bending machine model and the next model.
Theory to theory, practice is more useful.
Sizing method; Measure the size from the center of the bottom die notch to the front minus half of the coefficient, which is zero size. Add the zero size to the size you want to bend, and you have the rear ruler.
Bending coefficient method, first cut a set of thickness of the material, 100mm wide, bending 40,. Use calipers to measure two bends, and the size of two bends together minus 100mm is the bending coefficient of this plate. In addition, pay attention to how thick the material with how big the bottom groove